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Key Responsibilities: Operate cameras and related equipment in…

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Key Responsibilities: Interpret and portray characters in scripts,…

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Key Responsibilities: Collaborate with the director and stunt…

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YET ignites potential and shapes innovation with an unwavering mission to nurture talent. Our deep involvement in an array of projects exemplifies our commitment to collaborative progress.

We champion research initiatives and hands-on training in entrepreneurship, cutting-edge technologies, and skill development—both soft and hard. From the promise of blockchain to AI’s real-world impact, we embrace responsible research that drives solutions.

Inclusion, diversity, and gender equality are at the heart of YET. We fight for sustainability, a greener future, and push digital transformation. We build networks, bridge sectors, and develop dynamic online platforms for skill-building and mentoring. Business plan competitions and lively hackathons are our jam, and we rock at spreading the word!

Our people are as diverse as they are brilliant – students, academics, young pros, seasoned experts, and entrepreneurs at every stage. Strategic partnerships and events draw hundreds, connecting talent with opportunity. Collaborations with established companies and initiatives like Startup Europe Week and Global Entrepreneurship Week are proof – YET delivers results.

As proud members of the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and Diversity Chapter Greece, we stand committed to building meaningful alliances that elevate potential, wherever it resides.

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The U.S. Embassy’s support for this program comes in the context of the strong cooperation between the U.S. and Greece in education and culture. Every year, thousands of American and Greek citizens participate in cross-cultural educational programs in each other’s nations. Artists, educators, athletes, students, youth, and rising leaders in the United States and Greece participate in academic, cultural, sports, and professional exchanges. The U.S. Embassy in Greece supports and furthers these exchanges in order to strengthen the people-to-people ties between the two countries. For more information on these programs and many others, please visit the U.S. Embassy Facebook page.